Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Next?

All of you who have visited the blog or visited with us in person and via e-mail, we would like to thank you for your vocal and continued support of the museum through closure. Because of you, we will have a geological museum again, a unique historical, scientific and educational Wyoming gem on the University of Wyoming campus.

We would especially like to thank the Mears family, who have made such a generous gift to the museum so that the ball can roll in the direction of reinvention. Imagine; finally, after years of talking and wishing, those who visit and use the museum will have one that is even better than before. It's unfortunate that a crisis had to arise in order for the magnitude of importance of the museum to be realized by the upper echelon of university administration, but they finally seem to understand.

We would also like to thank Department of Geology and Geophysics Head Art Snoke for the effort he has expended in concert with Foundation Director Ben Blalock to establish a fund using the Mears gift that will be used exclusively for the museum.

As specifics are yet unavailable regarding the fund, we caution you not to cut a check to the University of Wyoming. You cannot be assured the money will be used for the museum. The Friends of the SH Knight Geological Museum maintains our nonprofit status through the Laramie Community Foundation. This is a safe place for you to send a check; all money received in that account will be applied to the museum once the red tape is removed.

Please make your check payable to: Laramie Community Foundation, Memo: Friends of the SH Knight Geological Museum, 505 S. Third, Suite 100, Laramie, WY 82070.

Remember, a battle was won, but the terms of agreement are not yet secure. We will continue to pursue the details and report back to you.

Additionally, now is a great time for you to let the Friends know: What do you think is important for the museum's future? Paleontologists, geologists, educators, museum specialists, families, all of you who know the importance of the geological museum, know why it is significant and must be revived. Please comment here on this blog post, or send your thoughts in writing to or Friends of the SH Knight Geological Museum, PO Box 1928, Laramie, WY 82073.

The committee convened to reinvent the museum is composed of several people of varied expertise. Your suggestions to the Friends will be shared with that group as we move forward.

Thanks as always for your continued support of the geological museum as we move forward.

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