Sunday, August 2, 2009

Story: Take money and rehire curator- Casper Star Aug. 2

Editor: The UW Geology Museum has been a treasure to the University of Wyoming, Wyoming, the United States, and the world for 122 years. For the last 29 years, it has been an outstanding place of knowledge purveyance, excitement, and research under the expert and excellent direction of its curator, Brent Breithaupt. He has the ability to excite students of all ages about science, and to arouse their desire to continue their learning (including current and future UW students). He has kept the museum fun, educational, and growing by acquiring many new exhibits and interpreting them with the most current facts and scientific research. His own outreach has brought much positive admiration and praise to UW from throughout Wyoming and the globe.

Now, one ridiculous decision follows another from the UW administration. The absurdity to cut Dr. Breithaupt's position and the support for the UW Geology Museum is now compounded by the insane not...

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