Friday, July 24, 2009

Dinosaur Mosaics

Everyone, here is a photo of a "dinosaur mosaic" sculpture created by local artist Jodie Atherton.

Jodie says: “Alaskan Starfish” was created from the field jacket of an Edmontosauraus Hadrosaur humerus found in Bowman County, ND in the Hell Creek Formation. The Hell Creek Formation is a single sedimentary layer formed approximately 65 million years ago when western North Dakota was a semitropical delta of sediments deposited from rivers originating in the Rocky Mountains. This represents the end of the Cretaceous period, a period famous for both the appearance of flowering plants and the mass extinction of dinosaurs. Hell Creek is a particularly interesting formation, for it holds records of this mass extinction. The Edmontosauraus, one of the largest of the Hadrosaurs, was around 43 ft long and weighed over 4 tons.Special thanks to: J-P Cavigelli, Tate Geological Museum, Casper College; N. Dakota Geological Survey Paleontology website

You can visit Jodie's website at and browse her fine artwork. Jodie is offering proceeds from sales of her dinosaur mosaics to the Friends of the SH Knight Geological Museum. Her website is featured on the sidebar of supporting businesses.

Don't forget to visit us at the Farmers Market in Laramie this afternoon!

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