Friday, July 10, 2009

We have had several recent letters to the editor supporting our cause.

We need to keep our plight in the papers. Here are some recent posts that have been giving us visibility in the Cheyenne and Casper papers. The Boomerang does not have an online editorial section, however there are people writing to the editor.

Donations can reopen dino museum

Originally published on July 7, 2009 The ball now is in the court of those who want to keep the Geological Museum open at the University of Wyoming.

It is clear that no one in government -- not UW, which benefits from the outreach that the museum provides; and not the Legislature or Gov. Dave Freudenthal, who are sitting on more money than they know what to do with -- is going to come to the museum's rescue.

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Increase funds for museum

Editor: With the closure of the Dinosaur Museum, the public image of the University of Wyoming has been severely damaged. A world-class museum has been closed to the public and it's outstanding director, fired. The people of Wyoming have been extremely fortunate to have Brent Breithaupt as the curator of the museum for so many years -- he is in the same class of educators as Wilbur and Sam Knight and the many, many University of Wyoming geologists and anthropologists, past and present, who have and still are, contributing so unbelievably much.

Now is the perfect time to increase funding for the museum and its former director from zero to about 200,000 a year. The money is needed, not only to pay personnel, but to continue the collection and restoration of all of the dinosaurs currently being discovered throughout Wyoming. Kids love this stuff and so do professionals, educators, Wyoming residents and tourists from all over the...

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No more donations to university

Editor: I am a University of Wyoming alumni and was saddened to hear about the museum's closing. While earning my degrees, I spent time in the geology building, library and museum.

The UW geology museum is an invaluable asset to UW, the community in Laramie and beyond.

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